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8 In 1 Curling Wand

irresistable me 8 in 1 curling wand
irresistible me curling wand 8 in 1 beauty review
curling wand results

I was pretty excited to be trying out these 8 in 1 hair curlers from Irresistible Me, I've had them for a while actually but they were just sitting in my room; as they're an American brand the plug isn't compatible with UK sockets and it just took me a while to get my hands on one (having never been to America nor ever needed a U.S - UK adaptor I didn't have any at home). Once that was sorted I finally gave them a go! There are so many wands to choose from I was really spoilt for choice but settled for the one I thought would be most wearable. These aren't numbered or anything so I'm going to do my best to describe the wand - although from the photo above you can see which one I used thankfully and they are labelled on the box, I just don't have the box anymore! - the shape is different to any I have seen before, it starts with a thin end and then expands which works really well to create a tight curl at the root of the hair falling into a much looser curl towards the end of the hair.

You can adjust the heat settings and really create whichever curl you like, I don't think I'll ever use every single one of these wands but it's good to have the option without needing to buy loads of different tools. Personally, I love messy curls, two-day curls are my favourite so keep an eye out on Instagram (@peexo) for a few more shots over the weekend. So far I've only tried this wand but I'll definitely be trying some more over the next couple of weeks and report back.

What would you like to see next on my blog in terms of beauty? I recently got loads of new makeup brushes and I'm thinking about putting together a post showing you my favourites, let me know if you'd like to see that! I really want to make beauty a recurring aspect on my blog, perhaps once a month or maybe even more frequently - please leave me a comment with your thoughts.


  1. How awesome! I've never seen an iron like that with all those attachments! Thanks for sharing!
    xo dré

    1. I was so intrigued by all the different tongs, looking forward to trying more! X

  2. Such a cool curling iron and I loved all the attachments to create several looks.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

    1. Crazy isn't it?! I used another wand over the weekend and am really loving it so far! X