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missguided roll neck jumper and aviator jacket
topshop leigh jeans and aviator jacket
fashion blogger in shoreditch
monochrome outfit

These are a couple of photos taken a while ago in Shoreditch, I came across this really cool ombré wall and simply couldn't resist stopping for a few photos for the blog. Wearing a pretty simple outfit, basically what has been my go-to during the winter months. My Missguided aviator jacket has done me so well this winter, it's incredibly warm and goes with just about anything and everything. Paired with a chunky knit roll neck and standard black jeans, Topshop leigh jeans of course, and finally a bucket bag - the H&M one I have is sold out now but there are loads to choose from online.

I really miss shooting outfits for the blog, it makes me feel so uninspired when I'm unable to create new content and although I try my hardest to produce enough posts to last whilst I'm away, nothing works as well as being able to shoot frequently. Luckily it's February now (where has the time gone?!) but this means I'll be in London later this month so here's hoping for another rapid month!

Snake print boots - Rebel London via ASOS
Bucket bag - H&M
[Photos taken by Faith]


  1. Urban and trendy look! Love the shoes ♥♥

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    1. Incredible aren't they?! They are by far one of my favourite pairs of boots this season X

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks gorgeous! Everyday casual always works best X