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I didn't intentionally put together another look with this pink coat but I guess it's Valentine's so it was bound to make a few appearances up until then. I know a lot of people don't really do much for Valentine's Day, me included, so these may seem a little too dressed up but any excuse! Although now that I think about it, this year my boyfriend has something planned in Paris which I'm quite excited about seeing as it's known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, I'll keep you updated! So, I'm wearing a gorgeous nude dress from In The Style, it's a little more low cut than I would personally feel comfortable wearing but if you're not too bothered about it then this is a truly gorgeous dress. I wore a pair of nude heels which I love but they're so high! I didn't expect them to be so high but they really are, not completely unbearable but not as comfy as the £11 Primark heels.

I also have no idea why these photos came out so grainy, I shot these on Monday when the weather was a bit all over the place but I think the camera settings may have been a little off for this outfit as the full length shots aren't looking too good (gutted!) luckily, I think it's only happened with this set of photos so hopefully from tomorrow it'll be back to normal! That's one of the worst things about shooting, when you look back on photos and you notice something wasn't quite right, it's particularly hard for me at the moment as I just don't have much time to re-shoot outfits if they're not perfect, and obviously as this is a Valentine's look I had to get it up before the 14th. I'm hoping you won't mind too much!

[Photos taken by Faith]


  1. I hate it too when you export the photos on the computer and the quality isn't the desired one.
    Doesn't matter, still a nice look!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

    1. Isn't it the worst?! I had so many photos to share but these were the only few I could salvage, I hate not being able to re-shoot too :( Pleased you still liked the look X

  2. Love this coat and the heels (can't believe they're Primark!) :)

    Don't worry about the photos, they still look amazing!


    1. Thanks Albertine! The heels are actually from Simmi Shoes, they're much higher than the Primark ones X

  3. The cost is gorgeous hun, Don't worry about the pictures, they still look great :) xx

    Anna-Maria |

    1. Thanks lovely, I tried to include a few of the best, it's just so frustrating when this happens! X

  4. I love that outfit.. and how good it looks on you! These colours are so soft, sweet and romantic! :)

    And those stiletto heels are gorgeous! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

    1. I love the heels but they definitely give definition to the term killer heels, they're so high! I think nude/blush tones work perfectly as a subtle nod to being romantic X

  5. I love the all blush tones! Beautiful!
    xo dré

    1. Thanks dré, I often incorporate one-colour palettes in my outfits and it's something I really love! X

  6. This is such a cute and flirty look with added elegance Patricia! Looking lovely! <3

    Isobel x
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  7. loved this look!


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