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My LFW Schedule: AW16

peexo fashion blogger at london fashion week

My time at LFW this season has come to an end. I haven't been to many seasons, this was only my third in total, I really loved it back in September but this season I was left a little disappointed by it all. I think the weather and the new location (still Brewer Street Carpark) are the main reasons why. Nonetheless, it was good to be back in London and at fashion week, I really love the whole fashion scene and being around so many bloggers and so much street style is so inspiring! Today I'm giving you the low-down of what I got up to this season.

Day 1: Friday

The first day at fashion week is always the most exciting and nerve-wrecking but this season I found it particularly difficult. It was by far my busiest day of the season but it was just one of those days where I felt like every little thing that could have gone wrong, was going wrong. I persevered (mainly because I had spent a small fortune getting back to London solely for fashion week and I knew I'd regret it if I gave up - believe me, I was close to) I missed my first show and a couple of presentations but made it to see Eudon Choi at the BFC Showspace - Brewer Street Carpark - which I loved.

Eudon Choi

LFW catwalk
fur footwear LFWLondon Fashion Week catwalk show

I particularly loved the footwear, I've become somewhat obsessed with shoes recently so I was instantly drawn to what was gracing the catwalk. I particularly loved the boots with the fur (I'm ashamed to say I sang this in my head as I wrote it, who remembers Flo Rida?!) I was so happy to see burgundy on the catwalk once again as it's a colour I absolutely adore and can't wait to be wearing again next season. Also, how incredibly out there are the sparkly knee high boots? They looked insane on the catwalk!

This season was my first at The Apartment which is an incredible blogger and influencer hangout, the perfect place to relax and re-charge and I loved taking it all in for the first time; their space is incredible! Day 1 ended at the Boden x Future British event catching up with some blogger babes.

Day 2: Saturday

Saturday didn't set off to a good start either after some of my plans fell through and just the fact that it was forecast to rain was hugely disappointing too. I started at Fashion Scout for the Ones To Watch show but had a few minutes to kill beforehand so I took a peek at the Roberts Wood presentation which was also at Fashion Scout.

Roberts Wood

AW16 presentation
LFW roberts wood presentation

A very unusual presentation, and although I haven't been to many presentations it was really interesting to see how different it is to actual shows - I think the whole vibe of this was quite grungy and the models' movement was pretty slow yet still quite graceful. Really interesting to just watch for a while.

Ones To Watch: Fengyi Tan

Ones To Watch AW16
Ones To Watch AW16Ones to watch AW16

Ones To Watch: Edda

Ones To Watch Edda LFW
AW16 Ones To Watch
LFW Edda Ones To Watch

Ones To Watch: Dian Pelangi x Nelly Rose x Odette Steele

LFW Headscarves Ones To Watch
AW16 Fringe

There was a little bit of everything in this year's Ones To Watch show, which is one of the main reasons why I enjoy watching the collection. Edda was completely different to anything I had ever seen before, completely unwearable (at least in my opinion), I can only imagine the likes of Lady GaGa being spotted in something so outrageous but again, a super interesting watch. The final collection was my favourite, not necessarily because I'd wear it but because it included such a variety - which is expected when three designers come together - I loved seeing the headpieces, something I had yet to see at fashion week.

With not much else going on I spent the rest of the afternoon at The Apartment and from there ended up at the Holly Fulton show with Josie, Ellie and Sabrina - it's so nice to be at fashion week with friends, it really makes a whole world's difference!

Holly Fulton

Holly Fulton AW16
Velvet jumpsuit Holly Fulton
AW16 London Fashion Week

This show wasn't on my schedule but I went along with the girls and it was really lovely, so I'm really happy I got to go along! There were a lot of floaty sleeves, quite oversized and definitely exaggerated which created fun silhouettes but I thought it was all very cute looking too - I'm not sure that's the best way to describe the collection but hopefully you get what I mean!

Day 3: Sunday

Finally came Sunday, my last day for the season, which I don't have a lot to show for other than my outfit which you'll see later on in the week. I didn't have too much going on as I simply didn't have the time. I did however do an Instagram takeover which you'll know all about if you follow me on there (my handle is @peexo in case you dont't). It was a pretty busy day trying to take plenty of photos for that and by 5pm I was on the Eurostar back to Paris. I can't believe how quickly this season came around and then rapidly finished but after an incredible season in September I think I had set my hopes too high and just didn't end up enjoying it sadly.

Were you at LFW? & will you be at Day 4 or 5?


  1. I've never been to fashion week.
    Too bad you didn't really enjoy it.
    Hope next time you'll have a better time.
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

    1. It's an incredible experience and I'd definitely recommend going - I just think it's so much better in the summer when it isn't raining haha! X