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Khaki Strappy Heels

simmi shoes strappy heels worn by peexo
uk fashion blogger in green
personal style ripped jeans and roll neck in winter
peexo fashion blogger uk
asos farleigh jeans worn with strappy heels

These were the last set of pictures Faith and I shot a couple of weeks back when I was in London and there seems to be this reoccurring thing where it begins to rain as we shoot... we stepped outside and the sky was turning grey so we worked as quickly as possible to get this final outfit snapped up. I'm wearing my favourite ASOS jeans, the Farleigh jeans, which I think are soon going to completely abolish skinny jeans in my wardrobe. I'm not sure why but I've loathed wearing skinny jeans recently, I just feel so restricted in them and quite uncomfortable if I'm honest so I'm on the hunt for more jeans until I find the perfect everyday pair (as much as I love the Farleigh's I don't think they're the most flattering when worn without heels). I kept it pretty simple with a white roll neck jumper and a deep green longline blazer from TFNC and because I've been missing a bit of colour matching I paired it with khaki heels from Simmi shoes - these are amaaazing - and the cutest mini bag from Marc b.

P.S. Grainy photos because of the British weather, rain drops + shooting don't make a good combination!

Longline blazer - (c/o) TFNC
Roll neck - (c/o)
Ripped jeans - ASOS
Strappy heels - (c/o) Simmi Shoes
Snake print bag - (c/o) Marc b.
[Photos taken by Faith]


  1. Cute outfit! Love the heels X

    1. Thanks Eunice, I love them so much too - wish I could wear them all day every day haha! X

  2. gorgeous outfit,love your jeans and those strappy heels look like a must have,absolutely love them.Hope you are keeping well lovely xx

    1. Fab aren't they Hollie? I am thank you, hope you are too! X

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Natassia! They're perfect for making a statement X