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If In Doubt, Wear Black

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Last weekend I shared this outfit on Instagram and it got so much love! It was actually one of those outfits that required very little thinking behind it (I sometimes spend ages searching for inspiration and meticulously planning my outfits) and it always surprises me when those outfits get the most love from you. I think we all love the simplest looks. I shared my outfit alongside some quick tips on what to wear when you don't know what to wear, a few of you left some comments saying you liked those tips so I thought I'd share a few more with you in today's blog post!

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Following on from my last blog post where I shared my love for all things autumn, including my love for knitwear, it's only right that today's post features knitwear. As much as I love chunky knits I totally get that they can be hard to style, sometimes unflattering and in some cases reserved for casual days only. I personally love knitwear and from now on I'm pretty sure I will be wearing a jumper during 80% of the week.

Wearing knitwear casually is easy enough but on a Saturday night, when you've spent most of the day feeling cosy in your favourite jumper, realising you need to change our of your comfiest clothing can be unappealing. I was caught in this predicament last weekend and basically, I thought f*ck it and kept my jumper on - I call this adulting.

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peexo all black outfit
I was having one of those I have nothing to wear moments whilst staring into my wardrobe which is filled to the brim with clothes. Whenever I'm unsure about what to wear, or not happy with the options in my wardrobe I steer clear of colour and opt for black. After all, you can never go wrong in an all black look. I wore a super cosy black jumper from Topshop which I adore, it also comes in cream by the way! I wriggled into some black jeans, these are also from Topshop and are the moto raw hem - I think these give quite a bit around the waist and I find them to be more roomy than other jeans I own which makes them perfect for tucking in chunky knits like this one to avoid obvious jumper bulging. 

Then, as it's Saturday night and I wanted it to look like I had put in a bit more effort than I actually did. I threw on some black court heels from Dune. These have a beautiful scalloped edge which I think makes them look even smarter and just generally a little different to the rest of my somewhat bland outfit. Ultimately, this was the easiest way to dress up my casual jumper and jeans combo and you know what? I'm not mad about it.


[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. Very model off duty! I love those jeans. :)

    T x

    1. They're great jeans, high waisted but still roomy for chunky knits like this one! Thank you X