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Welcoming October and Bidding my Last Goodbye to Summer

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I'm feeling so autumnal, ready for the season ahead, and just generally loving everything about this season and it has only just begun. With that said, I think I'm ready to say goodbye to the summer. Goodbye to the constant feeling of I'm not good enough for this; goodbye to the worry surrounding Instagram; goodbye to strict schedules that have made social media less enjoyable for me; goodbye to the summer that has been and gone.
peexo fashion blogger autumn styleautumn style check skirt peexo blogger

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This was the perfect outfit for this post; I've recently started planning blog post titles and ideas before shooting new images as I really want to work on my writing and how my content comes across (although I've been met with another hurdle after noticing that Blogger significantly reduces my photo quality and I have no idea how to prevent this! See this tweet for reference).

I don't want to speak too soon... but after finally feeling like I'm getting somewhere with my content, what I'm striving to produce and just generally feeling a bit more positive about blogging, I've felt so inspired. Since coming back from Portugal in August I've been a bit all over the place. I blame the transitional summer-autumn period which I always tend to struggle with and of course, the horrible place that Instagram has become with the new algorithms and whatever else is going on over there - I literally can no longer keep up with its ever-changing ways.

I'm ready to say goodbye to the summer, goodbye to the summer that has been and gone.

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peexo blogger personal style autumn primark
In light of the start of autumn, expect to see a lot of leaves - and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. I've completely overturned my wardrobe and I'm suddenly wearing bright colours and prints once again, all of which match my autumn surroundings perfectly so I will be making the most of it!


autumn peexo style carvela kurt geiger crossbody bag shoeaholics peexo blogger
The majority of my outfit is from Primark believe it or not! I'm always popping in to Primark every now and again but it's been a while since I've come out with bags filled with clothes. If you're nervous about trying colours or a particular trend then I would always recommend popping in for a browse. More often than not, you'll find new on trend pieces in there (especially if you go to one of the larger stores like Oxford Street). This mustard jumper was a steal at £13 and I genuinely don't think I would have been brave enough to try such a bright and bold colour if it weren't super affordable for me to do so. The skirt was another bargain, for only £8, I think it looks really nice and far more expensive than it was. Whilst I probably won't get loads of wear out of it - sooner or later it will be too cold for skirts - I think it's such a fun piece to be wearing now. Surprisingly, I also think it will look really nice with some sheer black tights.
peexo autumn style mustard jumper
Accessories wise - I've stuck to my favourites. My black crossbody bag from Carvela (via Shoeaholics) and some black leather ankle boots from New Look which I bought last year but I've spotted a few similar pairs on ASOS (here, here, here and here). As well as gold jewellery of course.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are as excited about autumn as I am! I'm pretty sure I'll be milking it for the foreseeable future. I would really love to hear some of your feedback too, are you happy with my new style of blog posts? Is there anything in particular you would like to see on my blog this season? I feel like I've become somewhat detached to my blog and it makes me quite sad as I absolutely love blogging so I would really appreciate your feedback.


[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. I really love that jumper, the colour is perfect for autumn and the price is great, I’m definitely going to check it out - hope it looks as good on me as it does on you.

    Your photo quality looks fine on my screen and I like the changes you’ve made to the layout. You may be doubting your blogging abilities but I think you should just follow your instincts which have served you so well. For example the choice of location for these photos is perfection and you always know how to style any outfit (wish I did- I often put a key word into the ‘search' on your blog for inspiration). Keep doing what you’re doing Patricia!

    I worry that blogging - a more intellectual medium to create and consume - is being elbowed out by YouTube. I’ve found the average length of YouTube videos has increased dramatically from about 5 minutes a couple of years ago to about 15 now (and many much longer than that). Most people only have the same time for social media so choices have to be made. Personally I’m much more likely to watch a 5 minute video than a 28 minute one, but I think blogs may be suffering most.

    Rant (and waffling) over - take care, love Pixie xxx

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your comment. I had never thought about that but it's so true! I've definitely noticed videos seem to be getting longer whilst blog posts are getting shorter so you're probably right! X

  2. I absolutely love your outfit - the yellow jumper is perfect for you. I'm also ready to say goodbye to summer. I've always seen autumn as a fresh start and I'm so ready to work hard on my goals for the rest of the year. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Thanks Jessie-Ann! I was unsure about it but the colour is growing on me. I completely agree and am looking forward to the next few months :) X

  3. Love the way you present it, It makes these stuff even better. And I think no one can resist buying this pair, Even I will definitely gonna try this with my all time favorite Boho Jewellery, that makes the best autumn look.

    My Boho | Stunning Boho Jewellery Store

    1. Thank you so much, I love the two together and I'm sure the combo will look amazing on you too! X

  4. This is such a beautiful outfit and gorgeous photos! I'm glad you're feeling inspired again. I can't believe most of the outfit us from Primark. Fantastic layout, more of the same please. :)

    T x

    1. Huge thank you for your kind words! I don't want to speak too soon but I've been feeling so much more inspired over the past week and I really hope it lasts. I've been sticking to this layout throughout the past week and so far, I'm loving it too X