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The Wrath of Instagram: Is It Dictating Our Lives?

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Since the introduction of the dreaded Instagram algorithm, a lot of us have noticed a fall in everything from engagement to followers. I'm guilty of constantly checking my phone to see how many likes/comments/followers I have, and throughout the day I end up doing this more times than I would like to admit.
peexo the wrath of instagram
I spend so long religiously checking Social Blade to see my growth - or lack thereof - and I've been glued to my phone, constantly checking to see whether my follower count has fluctuated once again. Since June earlier on in the year, I have consistently lost followers. I wish I could tell you I know why and I've worked out the key to beating Instagram's many, secret, algorithms but I can't. After doing nothing differently to what I usually do and receiving the same levels of engagement as I was prior to losing so many followers - I just can't put my finger on what the actual problem is. It's hard to change or better something if you don't know what's going so wrong in the first place.

Which leads me to the wrath of Instagram...
the wrath of instagram peexo
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peexo instagram
My mood has completely changed, when what I do is so heavily dictated by social media it's incredibly difficult to not let these things get to you. More so at this particular period of my life as I've just left university and I'm taking the risk of full-time blogging - this has been a huge knock to my confidence. I spent months constantly texting my friends about my Instagram woes, all of which seem completely superficial to most people but have such a huge impact on my life.

It feels like a break up. At first, I was religiously checking back every day to see whether anything had changed but a couple of weeks later, when I realised nothing was changing, I just stopped caring. Now I feel like I'm building myself up again. I have been uploading photos again - trying not to care about numbers and engagement (although it can be so difficult to not care!)
the wrath of instagram dictating our lives
I don't want to speak too soon but I think at last I'm in a better place with Instagram, this is all so fresh though. This post has had a big of a re-jig as I was still feeling really negative towards Instagram at the start of the month but then I went to a pumpkin patch! Now I'm not saying that going to a pumpkin patch is the key to curing your Instagram woes but that photo (see it here for reference) did incredibly well. My engagement levels soared, I got a couple of regrams from really big accounts and my follower count just shot up. In the space of 48hrs I gained almost 1,000 followers which was just unheard of prior to this. I still can't believe how my luck has changed but all I do know is my mood has changed along with it.


Biker jacket - (c/o) River Island
Top - Primark
Floral midi skirt - Primark
Brown boots - (c/o) Next
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. I am definitely going to buy Black ditsy floral print tiered maxi skirt, looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    My Boho | Stunning Boho Jewellery Store

    1. It really is lovely! Thank you for reading X

  2. I have a skirt just like yours but was struggling to style it. Just going to copy what you've done, thanks for the inspo! Now where is my nearest pumpkin patch?!

    1. I've found it such a nice piece to style, I'm really loving this length actually - I think it's very flattering and great for Autumn. Haha! You'll love it X

  3. I know how you feel about Instagram and I used to love uploading and engaging so much but now I just don’t give it that much time as the algorithm is just shocking! Especially now they’ve changed the rules again! Definitely need to get the motivation back into the game!

    Isobel x

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    1. It's just so crazy how much it impacts me/my life/my work. It's amazing how a good week on Instagram can completely flip my mood, but it's scary how easily a bad week on Instagram can do the opposite! X

  4. I feel like I’m at a better place with Instagram at the moment too! But it is crazy how much that controls my mood :/! xxx

    1. I know, that's exactly it. If I'm happy now because things are going well then how much does it actually dictate my life when I feel unhappy?! It's scary! X

  5. I'm glad your Instagram game is looking up! As a PR, it really isn't about the numbers so don't stress yourself out too much. I'll always choose a smaller Iger with a truly engaged audience over a massive one with little interaction. Good luck going full time, I'm sure you'll be really successful!

    T x

    1. Thank you! It's great to hear PR's who think that way, it can be so refreshing and also just a boost - you'd be surprised at how many question fees etc. because of numbers :( X


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