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What Not To Do When You're Stuck In a Style Rut

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At least once a year these style woes come knocking and every year I fall into the trap of not knowing what to wear which actually puts a downer on a lot of what I do. Whilst I'm still not sure about what exactly you should do when you're stuck in a style rut other than wait for it to pass, there are a few things I try not to do when the dreaded style rut swings by.
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In a style rut, always try your best to refrain from shopping unless absolutely necessary. Who'd have thought I'd ever be telling you not to shop?! But it's for a good cause I promise, and hopefully won't last too long as once the style rut is banished you're free to shop 'till you drop once again! 

When I was really struggling with my style, I found that whenever I looked online or in store every piece that called my name was exactly the same! I ended up favouriting (and sometimes even making the mistake of buying) the same pieces over and over which obviously was no help in my style rut state. The thing is, when you're not sure what to wear you're most likely to gravitate towards the classic pieces you know you're comfortable in but this will only lead you to filling up your wardrobe with more of the same thing therefore not helping you snap out of your style rut at all.
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peexo blog london style blogger
When it comes to transitional dressing getting the right mix between the past season and the upcoming can be difficult. Moving forward, you want to be dressing for what is coming ahead and not how you feel at that moment - especially when one season is ending and another is beginning (the dreaded transitional period!)

It can be tempting to continue buying summer dresses, even towards the end of summer - retailers don't make it easy for us continuing to share new seasonal bits when the season is almost over - and although you know the warm days are gone, there's still the bad influence sitting on your shoulder telling you to buy that summer dress because you'll get the chance to wear it, even when it's unlikely to happen. For that reason, when a season is ending put in some extra thought on what you buy. Question whether it's really worth buying now and will you still be able to wear it in a few weeks time?
pink roll neck jumper nobody's child peexopeexo personal style blogger pink check
And once you're finally out of the danger zone and no longer feeling bored with your style, you'll find you become so much more confident. I mean, I didn't think I would be picking up a bright pink jumper for autumn but there's something about this knit that I absolutely adore! I've styled it in a few different ways already so I think it will be a fun new addition to my wardrobe and I'm sure you'll see lots more of it (it has already made many appearances on my Instagram).

My pink jumper is from Nobody's Child which is a brand I've really grown to love; if you're unfamiliar with the brand then I would highly recommend checking them out, they're also stocked on Topshop too! My check skirt is from Primark which I first shared last week in this blog post and I'm still so pleased with this bargain find, at only £8 it was such a good buy. I kept the rest of my outfit really simple with a black backpack from Coach, which I borrowed from Maria, giving me major back-to-school vibes. I wore my all time faaaaavourite all white leather converse which are just my go-to, I bloody love these! I find converse the most comfortable to wear on a daily basis and I just think they're so timeless. I've tried other trainer styles before but I don't think I pull them off so converse it is, I feel pretty old-school and like the only person who still wears and blogs converse but they're classics for me.


Pink jumper - Nobody's Child
Check skirt - Primark
All white converse - JD Sports
Backpack - Coach
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. Ah, this jumper is just lovely! If I'm in a style rut but still need to shop I tend to stick to basics and play it safe.

    T x

    1. It's incredible isn't it?! I do the exact same! But sometimes you need to try and not play it safe in order to get out of a style rut otherwise, if you're constantly buying more of the same, it's unlikely your habits will change! X

  2. This outfit is gorgeous! I saw this skirt in the window in my local Primark, need to get back and buy it ! <3

    1. I spotted it on a mannequin too and that's why I ended up buying it otherwise I probably wouldn't have! I've been absolutely loving styling it with bright colours X

  3. Converse have and should always be a classic shoe! They just go with so much! Dying to get my hands on that skirt yet I haven’t seen it in my local Primark yet. Love the neon jumper too!

    Isobel x

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    1. I feel like cooler trainers are taking over the classics but I love my converse so much! Thank you X

  4. Stunning!! this pink shade truly looking beautiful,my eyes are pulled in this opening look! the most effective method to get this fab considerations. this transitional dressing getting the correct blend between the past season and the up and coming present seasons. the method for entrancing this looks so slick and clear..

    1. I wouldn't usually go for pink but I really love this jumper! & I completely agree with your tips too! X