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My Top Tips for Staying On Top Of Your Content

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Having graduated from university this summer, I thought I'd take the plunge and give blogging a proper go. Whilst it's still incredibly scary and a huge risk for me, I'm enjoying doing what I love and I hope I can make it work in the long-run. I was so unsure about what I wanted to be writing, creating and shooting to share with you and I was sort of stuck throughout the month of September, feeling generally uncertain about everything. Obviously, I didn't want to continue feeling that way and I knew that if I wanted to see a change I would need to actively seek change.

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You may have noticed that recently I have really upped my content. I'm currently sharing blog posts 4 days a week, 2 weekly videos and I'm posting lots and lots of new content over on my Instagram daily. Throughout the month of September I was feeling a little bit lost, very overwhelmed and just really doubting my decisions but then I took it upon myself to make a change and focus on content above anything else.

I always plan ahead, I think it's so important for me to visualise what I want to create so that when it comes to shooting and writing I have it down. Recently, I've started thinking a lot more about my writing and whilst I don't think I'm exactly where I want to be with it, I would like to think that I am improving and a lot of that is down to thinking about what I want to share in advance. Sometimes I'll have a whole blog post written out and other times I'll just have an idea or at least a title in mind before shooting new content.
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content creation tips peexo bloggerpeexo blogger content creation tips

I find writing so helpful, I'm very much still traditional in the sense that I prefer writing out my plans and notes with a paper and pen rather than on my laptop. I usually opt for A4 notebooks where I can write away to my heart's content, I find they're perfect to carry around whenever I'm working away from home (they're roughly the same size as my laptop which I'll often take with me too) and I can use a single page as my monthly outline which is great for having all the information I need for the month in one place. I also just love writing lists and this allows me to do exactly that!

I'm a huge lover of stationery and when I find a real gem then, well, I simply have to talk about it! I've recently been introduced to Lamy and I've been using this particular pen, the LAMY Lx rollerball pen, non-stop since first receiving it, it's been a good few months now and I still love it. I find writing with pen and paper quite therapeutic, even at university I'd always favour writing my notes out as opposed to typing them up the easy way. Being able to sit down and compose my thoughts really helps me, especially when it feels like my brain is going at a thousand miles an hour, writing helps me get back to reality.

For that reason, I want to feel relaxed when I'm writing. Gone are the days of literally getting blisters on my fingers from writing so much in school exams or even during revision. With the LAMY Lx rollerball pen there is none of that. It's a very sleek design with ridges to help you grip the pen in the most comfortable way possible. I also love that I can easily clip this onto my notebook or in a handbag pocket so I always know where to find it and can rest assured it won't end up swallowed into the depths of my handbag. Not only does it write beautifully, it's also rose gold which is just perfect for the 'gram. It's the most useful thing to have in my handbag but also doubles up as an accessory so it's a win-win right?
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Another thing I think I've almost always done - literally since the start of my blog a few years ago - is plan my outfits in advance. My blog predominantly consists of fashion and personal style so a lot of my content focuses on outfit shoots. I shoot the majority of my style content in bulk so Maria and I usually spend a day (from around 9am - 4pm) shooting new content for my blog, Instagram and YouTube which means I need to have a lot of ideas on-the-go all at once.

I often really struggle with dressing myself last minute, be that in the morning before meetings or for an evening out, so when I need to shoot more than one outfit in the space of a few hours I need to have a plan. Maria and I often use my notes as a check list and tick each outfit as we go along so we know what we have already done and to ensure we don't miss anything out!

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Finally, planning your content ahead is also super important. You'd be surprised at how in advance stores, PR's and the media begin working on seasonal content. For example, I've been going to Christmas events since July! It isn't even November yet and I'm already thinking about my Christmas Gift Guides, which I'll be sharing next month on my YouTube channel: 'peexo vlogs' (subscribe here!), and I've even seen loads of Christmas content floating about already! Staying on top of trends, content and just generally staying on top of your social channels is imperative.

So my top tip? Grab your LAMY Lx rollerball pen (make it rose gold for the 'gram) and start planning all the content you want to create over the next couple of weeks and soon you'll find you're completely on top of your what you want to create and planning content months in advance! 


Rose gold LAMY Lx rollerball pen
Layered necklaces - Topshop
Black top - New Look
Jeans - Topshop
[Photos taken by Maria]
This post is sponsored by Lamy. All thoughts, opinions and styling are my own as always.

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