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Ditching Transitional Dressing

ditching transitional dressing peexo fashion blogger autumn
As October draws to a close and November's chapter opens up, I'm making the most of the last few days of crisp autumn mornings and the chance to wear my skirts without tights (I'm still unsure about whether I'll be delving into tights territory this year as I rarely wear them). So as we say goodbye to transitional dressing, no more bare legs for a while, and say hello to paler skin and many more layers I'm wearing some of my transitional favourites one last time.

autumn style peexo bloggerpeexo fashion blogger autumn style


peexo fashion blogger autumn styleblack denim mini skirt primark peexo
Part of me is so happy that the clocks have now gone back and in a day's time the countdown to Christmas will commence (as soon as Halloween is over, all attention moves to Christmas)! I'm excited about coat weather, chunky scarves and so much more. Although this brings a hint of sadness as I know we'll be leaving behind parts of autumn that I really love. I won't be able to wear my skirts for much longer and my favourite knitwear pieces will now need to be worn over thermals and under coats rather than on their own.

I feel so conflicted as to whether I'm looking forward to the upcoming months or whether autumn has been my season but I guess there's only one way to find out...

ankle boots leopard print peexo bloggerpeexo blog ankle boots leopard print
leopard print ankle boots topshop peexo blog
I simply had to write about these leopard print boots that I bloody love. You probably already know of my love for ankle boots and my guilty obsession over leopard print so put the two together and you have the most coveted piece in my wardrobe: leopard print ankle boots.

I bought these last year in Topshop and they were both one of the easiest and one of the hardest purchases I've ever made. As soon as I spotted them online I knew I wanted them but they were also more than I could afford whilst at university and they definitely weren't something I needed. I bought them anyway and at first I wasn't so sure about them but I couldn't quite bring myself to sending them back so I kept them which was the best decision ever. They sold out pretty quickly and I've always  been on the lookout for alternatives but nothing was ever quite right.

Whilst browsing Topshop a week or so ago I came across a near enough identical pair and of course, I had to share them with you! I get so many compliments on these boots that I know some of you will be as excited as I am about having found this year's version of my most coveted boots. The print is exactly the same as last year's ankle boots and they have a pointed toe, the only difference is the heel which is black as opposed to leopard print. Other than that, they're perfectly perfect. Grab 'em here before they sell out again!


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I'm preparing myself to put away mini skirts and to start wearing coats, I'm currently feeling both sad and happy about it so here's to what's to come and getting a little bit paler. 


[Photos taken by Maria]