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Choosing and Styling Leopard Print

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I'm sure by now you're well aware of how much I absolutely love leopard print, it's my guilty obsession! With that said, the print can be very hit-or-miss in my opinion and often the print and colours aren't quite right leading to it looking tacky as opposed to classy. So when it comes to leopard print, these are my top tips when picking a print and how to incorporate it into your everyday looks.
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I wasn't really sure about what to write today to accompany these photos so I tried to depict what stands out to me in this set of images and of course, it's my leopard print boots! I've spoken about these before so to keep it short and sweet, I bought these leopard print boots from Topshop last year and this year they've had a mini update but ultimately, they're back! Admittedly, I wasn't sure about these when I first got them. As far as leopard print goes, this is quite orangey and so I wasn't really sure about how easy they would be to style. Somehow they just go with everything! I wear them with all black outfits, I wear them with pink and tan, I wear them with cream knits - honestly, everything. That's what I love about leopard print, although I may not be quite ready to mix and match bold prints, I still think these look amazing with simple pieces.

However, it's really easy to get it wrong too which I think all comes down to the print. Try not too choose anything too garish, steer clear from either very warm tones or monochrome ones (personal preference - I don't love monochromatic leopard print).

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peexo styling leopard print
On this occasion, I styled my leopard print boots with more colour than I usually would. I opted for a tan suedette trench coat from New Look and a blush pink fluffy jumper from Miss Selfridge. Usually I wouldn't put a cool pink and warm tan together because I think the colour temperature can look a bit mismatched but here I think the two work really well together! Or maybe it's because ever since getting this jumper I've been absolutely obsessed with it... I'll leave that for you to decide. No surprises when it comes to my jeans, they're of course a pair of black ASOS Farleigh jeans.


Suedette trench coat - (c/o) New Look
Pink fluffy jumper - (c/o) Miss Selfridge
Mom jeans - ASOS
Leopard print ankle boots - Topshop (similar)
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. I love this look - the boots and coat work perfectly together! xxx