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My daily looks aren't too dissimilar from one another and I end up outfit repeating more often than I realise. I shot this outfit a few weeks a go and couldn't help but feel a sense of deja-vu whilst editing the photos and that's because I have already shared something pretty similar on here last month (in this blog post). Almost tempted to not share this - as I don't know how interested you are in seeing the same jumper and jeans combo again - I took one look at my accessories and knew that despite its similarities to a previous look I needed to share!
peexo autumn style blogger

london peexo style bloggerautumn personal style blogger london peexo
peexo fashion blogger autumn style
If you're familiar with my blog and my style then you'll know the last time I wore this Topshop jumper and black jeans I switched it up with some court heels for a day-to-night take on the jeans and jumper combo. This time my look emulates my everyday autumn style - you probably know by now that I just love high waisted jeans and jumpers so seeing the two together should come as no surprise. As the basis of my outfits doesn't usually differ too much, I change things up with my accessories.

peexo floral autumn ankle boots new looknew look floral ankle boots peexo
floral velvet ankle botts new look peexo
I think this blog post is pretty much an ode to these new ankle boots I recently got. I said that the sole reason this blog post didn't end up sitting in my drafts was because of the accessories and now do you see why?

My love for ankle boots is probably well known by now and although I definitely don't need any more ankle boots when I spotted these on New Look I knew I definitely did need this pair. They have a gorgeous dark floral print and they're velvet which I didn't realise before buying but I've come to love as it makes them even more interesting and not like any other pair in my collection right now (and believe me, that's hard to achieve!)


peexo accessories autumn
I think you can never go wrong with accessories and I just absolutely adore adding prints and colour with my accessories so even though my outfit may look a little boring the accessories make it pop!


[Photos taken by Maria]

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