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Those Flat Over The Knee Boots

peexo over the knee boots autumn style
Ahh, say hello to the over the knee boots of dreams! I've definitely spoken about them before but this is the first time I've photographed them which gives me enough of an excuse to talk about them all over again right? This year it has definitely taken me longer than usual to get in to wearing over the knee boots and whilst it may seem like it's far too cold to wear these out now, these boots hide a multitude of secrets!
autumn style over the knee boots

peexo fashion blogger london style miss selfridge red jumper
miss selfridge red jumper peexo autumn styleautumn style peexo fashion blogger

It's actually been a while since I said I would be bidding goodbye to skirt weather but that just hasn't happened and I'm not sure why. It's definitely too cold to be wearing skirts now but for some reason I'm still reaching for some of mine - I guess the autumn weather just didn't last long enough!

Despite wearing a skirt, there's actually very little skin out and on show so I've managed to stay pretty toasty whilst outside. I snuggled up in this red cable knit jumper from Miss Selfridge which was everything I had been looking for! The perfect shade of red and with a gorgeous cable knit detailing running through. And of course my over the knee boots did a pretty good job at keeping me warm too.
peexo fashion personal style blogger
fashion personal style blogger peexo autumnautumn style peexo fashion blogger

Honestly, my favourite thing about over the knee boots is not having to shave my legs. Shaving has got to be the bane of my life - I hate it, it's so boring and my hairs just grow back so quickly I feel like I shouldn't even bother if after shaving in the morning, my hairs are poking out again by the evening. The easiest way to stay warm, and hide those pesky leg hairs, whilst wearing over the knee boots and a skirt is to pile on the socks! I usually go for some over the knee or knee high socks to keep in the heat. If you're worried about still feeling the cold on your thighs, a longer coat can do the trick in keeping that small area of skin out of the cold!


public desire flat over the knee boots peexo bloggerpeexo blogger autumn style over the knee boots
over the knee boots peexo fashion blogger
So the rest of my outfit was pretty simple. I wore the only denim skirt I seem to be reaching for right now - a Primark steal at only £8 - over the knee boots from Public Desire and an oldie handbag from Kurt Geiger. Sadly this print isn't available anymore but there are loads more in the 'Kensington' style, including some leather versions which I adore!

My biker jacket is from New Look and I get loads of compliments on it! It's been ages since I've bought a new biker jacket because I'm actually quite picky when it comes to choosing the perfect biker. I honestly bought this on a whim, thinking it wasn't going to be amazing but I had a voucher so I would buy it anyway, boy was I wrong. It's a really beautiful buttery faux leather which both looks and feels amazing. I also think it's generally quite flattering on me and despite it having an additional belt detail which I wouldn't normally go for, I quite like that. My only criticism of this would be the fact the hardware is silver as my personal preference is for gold but I can live with that.


Biker jacket - New Look
Red jumper - (c/o) Miss Selfridge
Denim skirt - Primark
Over the knee boots - (c/o) Public Desire
Handbag - (c/o) Kurt Geiger
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. OBSESSED with that handbag babe <3 xx


    1. Oh it's dreamy! I'm loving the leather versions too X