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Welcoming Coat Weather With Open Arms

peexo november coat weather
I've been patiently waiting for November before reaching for my coats and it has finally happened! Last weekend was the first time I had left my house wearing a biker jacket and felt like I needed a coat to keep me warm which was both exciting (I'm all for coat weather) but also a bit sad as that means the end of warm weather for a long while.
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I'm honestly so excited for coat weather! I think I've bought 2 winter coats so far but I'm sure I'll be picking up more - which I definitely don't need but will inevitably happen. There's something so soothing about coat weather for me, I love wrapping up in the mornings. I think I've mentioned before that when it comes to winter accessories, so that's like footwear and coats, I'm quite daring. I would much rather have a wardrobe filled with basics like plain jumpers and high waisted jeans and then make everything look better with a statement coat and boots. Which, come to think of it, is quite weird considering outerwear is what you see the most of and so making bold footwear and coat choices probably isn't the most rational.

With that said, I often love my statement pieces the most. I picked up this checked coat from New Look a few weeks ago (maybe even as early as September because I was scared of it selling out!) but I refrained from wearing it up until this month because I set a ban on wearing coats until the start of November. Since buying this coat I've spotted loads more, the checked coat trend is definitely taking over!


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peexo fashion blogger autumn coat weathernovember peexo coat weather

I didn't tuck in my jumper for these particular photos and that's just so unlike me, as I look over these photos I don't think I look like myself! I really think that tucking in jumpers is just what I do, it's very rare that I won't which I think is why I think these photos look so weird to me. Personally, I don't find a slouchy top very flattering at all. Whereas when I wear my jumpers tucked in, it instantly gives me much more of a shape, cinching in my waist and just generally not looking so slouchy. Don't get me wrong, a slouchy fit is my go-to on a casual day but on a daily basis - it's not for me.
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As a final little roundup, November = coat weather and I'm very happy about that!


Checked coat - New Look
Red roll neck jumper - New Look
Bloack moto jeans - Topshop
Black ankle boots - New Look
Crossbody bag - (c/o) Carvela via Shoeaholics
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. Loving the boots! I've already bought one new coat but I want a military one next. :)

    T x

    1. I'm all about coat weather, I have a ridiculous amount already but will of course end up with more by the end of this winter I'm sure! X