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Lanzarote Lookbook: Day 2

Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Spain

Day 2! So on the second day it was a pool day for us, so we quickly nipped out after lunch to take a few outfit snaps just outside our hotel. I wanted to make the most of the location and try to snap up my outfit photos in pretty scenes rather than the hotel balcony (although some days I did settle for the balcony haha). Here's what I wore for a day by the pool...

I bought quite a few crop tops before going on holiday because what better time to wear a crop top than when on holiday?! I really love crop tops, I think they're perfect for the summer as you're only really showing a little skin and in the summer you just can. However, I do find that because I'm tall I have quite a long torso and crop tops can sometimes be too  cropped, so when I wear them with high waisted shorts or something I end up showing more skin than I'd like to which is really annoying! Does this happen to any other tall girls?

I posted a #fromwhereistand photo on Instagram and there was a lot of love for the shorts so I hope you like the full outfit! I managed to burn my face on day 1 from our walk along the beach.. well done me! So for the remaining days I relied on these massive Primark sunglasses to hide my red face, I guess sometimes having a small face is a good thing! The wind made my hair do all sorts of things so my face, mostly my nose, looks a little weird.. oh well! Here's the outfit...

What do you wear for a chilled pool/beach day?
Leave me any comments below :)



  1. Love those shorts, they are such a lovely colour! x


    1. They're fab! I love the pom poms, it makes me feel a little childish but boy are they cute! X

  2. Those shorts are really gorgeous, I love this outfit for sunny holidays :) I have the crop top problem from time to time it's so annoying! Even worse when my sister bought me one from the petite range haha, I think it works though ;) Xx

    A Blonde Moment

    1. It's so laid back, perfect when you're heading to the beach or the pool. When I wrote it I was like "Hm, I wonder if it's just me.." but so glad I'm not alone! It's such a pain, I may try shopping in the tall range for crop tops - the struggle! X

  3. Haha, I absolutely love those shorts! So cute !


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