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Lanzarote Lookbook: Recap

Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Spain

Day 1 \\ Day 2 \\ Day 3 \\ Day 4 \\ Day 5 \\ Day 6

And just like that my Lanzarote Lookbook is over! I managed to prepare and plan these posts all beforehand and have them up and ready to go up all week but I don't know how daily bloggers do it! Especially fashion bloggers; yes, you wear clothes every day but finding the time to photograph, edit, write and upload a post with only a day inbetween just seems so hectic! I enjoyed doing this holiday lookbook though so I'd really love to know what you thought too, and in case you missed any of my outfits then here's a recap...

I didn't realise whilst away, but going over my photos I've spotted my getaway uniform! Crop tops and shorts.. most days it was what I went for, although the outfits I photographed were mostly my more put together looks for our meal times or when we went out because on days when all we did was head down to the pool I'd throw on a simple beach dress as they're far easier to take off and put on, especially once you're covered in sun cream and tanning oil.

You may have noticed that my accessories were pretty repetitive too. I have so much jewellery that sometimes I don't get to wear it all so I didn't want to take too much away with me as I only tend to wear jewellery in the evenings whilst away. So for this holiday I decided to go for gold jewellery; I took some Primark hoop earrings and some bulky H&M hoops. I took away with me my Guess watch, and a few gold bracelets from Black Tied. I also took some rings away with me but I didn't end up wearing any.. 

Before jetting off I went to Primark to find some last minute sandals because I realised I had none! But I couldn't find anything I liked.. last year I loved the selection in Primark and those sandals lasted the whole summer for me which is perfect as I tend to change my mind often, but this year I really struggled to find any I liked so I went for the best shoe place on the high street (in my opinion) New Look, and I wasn't disappointed. I got the two pairs you've constantly seen in black and white, and I also bought a stone pair but I'm saving those for when I go to Portugal later on in the month.

I hope you liked my holiday outfits and that this lookbook was enjoyable, and maybe even useful for you if you're going on holiday this summer and are in need of a little inspiration on what to take, or simply can't decide what to take. I'm also lucky enough to be going to some other countries this summer including Portugal, and more excitingly, Dubai! So I'd love to know your thoughts on this lookbook and whether or not you'd like me to do another this summer.

I love to know what you think of the outfits I put together and as this is a recap I want to know which looks are your favourites and which ones you'd be likely to wear throughout the summer. I think my favourite looks are outfits 3, 4 and 5. Which ones are yours?

 Day 2:
 Day 3:
 Day 4:
 Day 5:
 Day 6:
Which look from my holiday lookbook was your favourite? Would you wear these outfits on holiday?
Leave me any comments below :)



  1. I think....i wish i had your legs lol. I love the slit skirt....i did a post about slits last week. You should check it out if you have time. All of your looks are lovely...what was your hotel like? Im thinking about a holiday myself...steph xo

    1. Aw haha! So sweet of you :) I really like it too, it's such a fun skirt - it was lovely. We stayed all inclusive which was great, no hassle for us, it had three pools and the beach was a 5 minute walk away! Go for it girl, you deserve it ;) X

  2. You look amazing in all of them. You have such a great bod y that anything will look good. Loving the one with lace top and coral shorts a lot!!


    1. Thanks lovely! They're definitely two of my favourites too :) X

  3. I couldn't pick a favourite even if I tried! I saw you mentioned about cropped tops being a pain with being tall - gurl I feel your pain! I'm 5'11 with a reallllyyy long body so cropped tops are usually bra tops on me. For somewhere as hot as Lanzarote though you can totally pull it off!
    lily x

    1. Yessss! Tell me about it - it's such a pain! That's definitely the excuse I used haha, it's summer so I can :P X

  4. Loved them all but Day 5 had to be my fave!! Love those shorts!



    1. Ahh yeah! Pastels are such a big hit this summer! X

  5. All your outfits are gorgeous, but the third one is stunning, love the top you have on.

    1. Thank you! It has to be one of my favourite bralets ever, it's gorgeous! X

  6. Well Patricia Batatas in pink shorts you looks great..


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