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Today's look is more of a dressed up one for you. Last week was a week of celebrations in my city and the streets were filled with night markets, outdoor cafes, stalls and loads of people. It's definitely quietened down now but during the summer parties it's the perfect time to dress up a little more than usual. I also chose a pretty scenic background for these shots. I convinced my parents to leave a little earlier before dinner so we could take these photos (tactically while most people are home cooking dinner so not too many awkward glances thank goodness!).

It looks like the metallic trend is going to be a big hit this autumn/winter and I'm really looking forward to styling metallics, I've started early with this cute cami. I love the way the metallic finish shines in the sun light, I think it looks really lovely. I bought this skirt in the Zara sale in Portugal because in euros Zara is so much cheaper, I ended up buying this gem for something ridiculous like 5 euros.. bargain! I went for a pair of black strappy heels, it took me so long to get my hands on a pair I actually liked - I think I can safely say I tried on, and ordered, every single pair from New Look before deciding that these were the ones - I think feet are weird so these were the ones that I thought looked the least weird on me? Does that make sense? I don't know.

I opted for my cut-out clutch, gifted to me at the Matalan press day, and jewellery wise I went for some silver rings, hoops and a statement necklace from Primark. I don't have enough statement necklaces, I really need to get my hands on more especially for winter as I think they really dress up a winter jumper. Where do you buy your statement necklaces from? Also, take a moment to appreciate my dads photography again haha! He's been the best and listens to my every demand (we've also started planning where we'll take photos next so it's a success). I'm going to the beach for a few days next week so keep an eye out for some beach posts... if I don't get too carried away soaking up the sun!


What do you think of this look, and of Portugal from my posts so far?
Leave me any comments below :)

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  1. Replies
    1. It's actually an oldie but I love the metallic finish, transitioning into autumn trends ;) X

  2. Lovely outfit! I love the skirt :)

    CAT xo
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    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

    1. Thanks! It's a Zara sale item! I love the print :) X

  3. I love this outfit, your skirt is really pretty :)
    Tiana x

    1. Thank you :) Leopard print + florals = my favourite! X

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