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My first post from Portugal! Hopefully from this week I'll be posting from my hometown but like I mentioned in yesterday's post it's proving to be a little more difficult. It's very hot up north (It was almost 40 degrees the other day!), so I've been living in shorts and vest tops. Here's an outfit that I wouldn't expect to be wearing if I'm honest but I must admit I quite like it!

I surprised myself to be wearing these Birkenstocks again but after my post on The Ugly Shoe Trend was so well received I gave the ugly shoes another go and one thing I said before and I'll happily say again is that they are SO comfy! Once they're on, the last thing I want to do is take them off. I like the way they look in this outfit, I think birks look great in the summer so I'm pleased I bought them along with me to Portugal!

This is pretty simple, a pair of denim shorts and a cute crop, it's pleated with polka dots and I really like it. It's an oldie now but I constantly come back to it. As this outfit was looking a bit too dark for summer I added a pop of colour with my red bag and my mirrored blue sunglasses, both great summer statements! I love gold, as you probably know, but piling on the jewellery isn't so appealing in the summer so I kept it simple with some hoop earrings, a simple necklace and a watch.

I took these photos in my parents' village which is a really old village, if you couldn't already tell, where all the houses were built using these huge stones. I want to go to so many places to take photos but finding the time has been a challenge so far. There are so many beautiful buildings in Portugal and I really want to capture them in my blog posts while I'm away so let's hope I do that! Shout out to my dad who laughed the whole time while taking my photos haha, every time I asked him to take a close up or to take more photos he'd be like "more still?!" (in portuguese though which is funnier.. to me anyway).

 What do you think of this look, and the Birkenstock trend, are you a fan?
Leave me any comments below :) 



  1. Hmm I still dont think I'd buy some myself but they look really good on other people. They look lovely on you! <3

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. I know what you mean! As much as I saw them on other people I convinced myself I'd hate them (and did for a while even after purchasing!) but I've changed my mind about them haha, you could try a cheap pair first :P Glad you like the look! X

  2. Wish I was in Portugal right now


    1. The weather has been really up and down lately but it's good to travel once in a while :) X

  3. These are shoes that I'd probably wear if I had but I wouldn't buy myself.. maybe I'll go try them sometime!

    Link textHello Song

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I'm pleased I got the chance to try them out, and unexpectedly love them! X


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