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Sometimes I receive the most beautiful pieces of clothing but then I think, when will I be able to wear this? When I was sent this gorgeous mint coloured dress I just couldn't wait for an opportunity to wear it. I felt like a little girl being taken to prom, I was with my friend and photographer Maria who looked like she was taking her little girl (although I'm much taller than her haha) to her end of year prom. I never had a prom in secondary school or sixth form because I went to all girls' schools, but if I had had a prom, I would wear something like this.

It's the time for those summer parties and some summer weddings, formal evenings that require you to dress up. Do you need any more persuading? This is such a gorgeous colour and the way it sits is so dreamy, I felt like a bit of a princess twirling around. As this was a more formal look I went for my black court heels, a black clutch, and minimal jewellery (with such a big dress, accessories can be kept at a minimum) I went for gold jewellery because I love gold accessories, a gold watch, some rings and a cute pair of blue drop earrings from Forever 21.

Photos taken by Maria from Maria Marmite.

Are you going to any formal parties this summer? What will you be wearing?
Leave me any comments below :)

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  1. Sooo gorgeous!! That colour looks amazing on you!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    1. Thank you lovely! I felt like such a princess when I was wearing it haha! X

  2. You look beautiful! And that colour is just gorgeous! :) xx