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Portugal Photo Diary


I've become accustomed to showing you a glimpse of my holiday once I'm back home and so today I'm doing just that. By the title of my post you may have felt cheated from my photos, when I say I'm going to Portugal most people think of the sandy beaches and scorching sun but try just a normal city and a lot of fields. I'm from the North of Portugal so don't have the privilege of the beach at my doorstep. If you want to see a lot of beach photos then check out my photo diary from the few days I spent at the beach: Let's Go To The Beach, Beach.

With that being said, there are a lot of other places to discover but it's a little hard to do so without a car (hopefully this will be enough motivation for me to get my drivers license sometime soon). I snapped up a few pictures of my favourite buildings and nearby cities which I hope you like as there isn't much else to show if I'm completely honest! Unless you'd like to see me buying ducklings and mounting a donkey - both of which actually happened. I did choose a few photos from the annual party in my city which is a little like Carnival in London.

I hope you like photo diary. Have you ever been to Portugal?
Leave me any comments below :)



  1. i hope to visit portugal someday! Nice photos

    1. It's so lovely no matter where you go! The big cities are probably some of the prettiest and all the beaches are great (who doesn't love going to the beach?!) X