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I posted a preview of this look onto my Instagram (@peexo) and got such lovely comments, particularly about this blazer. I felt like I was channelling my inner Fashion Hippie Loves (love her blog!). I think smartening up shorts can sometimes seem a little difficult but shorts suits have been such a big hit so I decided to recreate my own version of a mismatched shorts suit look.

I love these pink shorts, they're the perfect colour pop in a gorgeous pastel pink. I added a plain black shirt and sandals for a chilled day time look. It rained so much on this day! I can't remember a time when it rained in Portugal during the summer so it was a little crazy, and definitely unexpected as people ran around the city to shelter from the summer showers. It was a little cooler for 2 or 3 days but it's heating up again and it will soon be unbearably hot! If you've followed my blog from the start then you'll know gold accessories always win with me and so I chose gold for this look.

I bought these sandals from Primark last year and I left them in Portugal so imagine my surprise when I spotted quite a few pairs left behind from last summer, let's just say at the moment I have way too many pairs of sandals haha. Anyway, I thought this pair looked a little smarter because of their gold detailing but all the rain meant that they were quickly ruined (so I was sort of pleased they were only a cheap pair from Primark!). I took photos in an old part of town, in cities there are so many back roads filled with old houses and practically no people and for some reason I'm a little too embarrassed to stand in the middle of the city for photos as I feel people in Portugal just won't get it haha, but I will get over it!

How do you smarten up your summer outfits?
Leave me any comments below :)

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  1. gorgeous outfit! looking beautiful as usual :) hope you're having a lovely time

    Saida xx

    1. Thanks lovely, happy to hear you like the look :) I'm having a fab time, thank you! X

  2. Stunning outfit! Love the shorts and how the printed blazer takes the look to a whole new level.
    Stay stylish

    Carmi Human

    1. Thank you :) I've got a lot of wear out of these shorts this summer, much more than I thought I would, and I love adding a printed blazer for an edgy smarter look :) X