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Portugal via Instagram


1. Obligatory passport photo \\ 2. First selfie in Portugal \\ 3. Second selfie (haha), the wonders of bathroom lighting \\ 4. New purchase \\ 5. OOTN \\ 6. Annual mini drive \\ 7. Blog post: The Stone Age \\ 8. Wheelbarrow of flowers \\ 9. Blog post: The Stone Age

1. Best crepe ever \\ 2. Blog post: Old Town \\ 3. Blog post: Old Town \\ 4. From where I stand \\ 5. Blog post: Garden of Wheelbarrows \\ 6. Evenings by the beach \\ 7. Blog post: Let's Go To The Beach, Beach \\ 8. Jump! \\ 9. Blog post: What's In My Beach Bag

1. Statement ring \\ 2. Blog post: Lace on Lace \\ 3. Blog post: Lace on Lace \\ 4. Parfois' new collection \\ 5. Blogging from bed \\ 6. Blog post: Lace on Lace \\ 7. Wild berry picking \\ 8. Blog post: Beach House \\ 9. Village festa (party) selfie

1. Another party selfie \\ 2. Arm candy \\ 3. Blog post: Beach House \\ 4. Hidden lake \\ 5. Blog post: Strawberry Nails \\ 6. Selfie with Magnum's new release (Marc de Champagne) \\ 7. Blog post: Wild Berries \\ 8. Selfie \\ 9. Ice-cream

1. Fake beachin' \\ 2. Blog post: Wild Berries \\ 3. Blog post: Hello Sunshine \\ 4. Blog post: Hello Sunshine \\ 5. #ThrowbackThursday \\ 6. Beautiful sky \\ 7. Blog post: Pink Skies \\ 8. Pizza \\ 9. Blog post: Pink Skies

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I thought it would be nice to show you what I got up to in Portugal, and what better way to do this than show you the snaps I posted on Instagram? I've uploaded so much this summer, and for those of you who don't follow me on Instagram then this is a roundup of everything I posted! I won't deny that I posted one too many selfies this summer but I'm not gonna lie, there's a fab light in my bathroom and everything just looks on point hahaha!

I've had Instagram since its early days but I mainly used it to edit a couple of photos and didn't think much else of it. It's crazy how much Instagram has blown up now and how big of a platform it has become! With that being said, I've tried to use Instagram more and more, and this summer I really have! I've been in Portugal for a month now so I've had plenty time to settle in and the natural sunlight has been great for photos. 

I really love posting little insights into my life but I know that a lot of people don't like that (I say this because of how many people unfollow me daily) but rather than tweaking my Instagram to suit others, I want to keep using it as a more personal look into my life with elements of fashion and blogging of course, as that's what I love. 

I hope you liked this look into my Instagram life; I'm heading back to London tomorrow after holidaying in Portugal for over a month so I'm excited to be back in London for a bit!



  1. Amazing post!!! I am so jealous that you have been there for a month but i hope you have enjoyed yourself xx

    1. It does't feel like a month so it seems a little crazy when I say it haha! So pleased that you like the post :) X

  2. OH my gosh it all looks amazing. (Although I've already seen most of them on Insta) they look so incredible all put into one story!
    Love it!
    Kelsey x

    1. Haha, thanks! Well I'm glad this post didn't bore you then :D X

  3. Não percebo porque é que as pessoas te fazem unfollow só por falares um pouco da tua vida.
    Adorei as foto, beijinho*

    1. Também não mas é a realidade (au menos no meu caso) mas eu gosto, por isso vou continuar e quem não gostar pode fazer “unfollow” a vontade ahaha! Obrigada, feliz por falar em Português :) X