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Pink Skies


First of all, sorry about the lighting in these photos. I took these yesterday evening when I realised I had no post scheduled for today! With that said, the sky looked amazing as I left my front door and I couldn't resist trying to capture it in my photos (which was much harder than I thought) so for that reason the lighting is a little all over the place and the photo quality doesn't look that great, I hope you don't mind! This is definitely reminding me of what's to come during the winter months when London will be dark and gloomy.

This is such a girly outfit, super pink and summery in my opinion. I've been loving these shorts this summer, I've gotten a lot of wear out of them which I wasn't sure I would. I took apart my beloved Miss Selfridge co-ord and used the crop top separately; I love that it's structured because it offers a little more coverage and is perfect for a summer evening. I kept it pink by going for my lace-up heels and grabbed my newest purchase, a bag from Parfois. My jewellery was quite simple, a very large pair of hoop earrings (the biggest I own) and my Michael Kors watch with matching bracelet.

Would you split up and re-style a co-ord?
Leave me any comments below :)



  1. gorgeous outfit, love the print of that top with the pale pink!

    anna from xx

    1. It's such a fab print! I love florals :) X

  2. I love splitting up my co-ords just to vary them and found I have gotten so much wear out of them! That last photo of the sky of the sky is so gorgeous!! :) xx

    1. I love the versatility of this one too as it goes with so many different coloured pieces. It looked so beautiful last night, I tried my very best to capture it in the photos! X