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Crete Instagram Outfit Diary

Crete, Greece
peexo instagram outfit diary swimwear

I find that often I often spend the day snapping away on my phone for Instagram and forget to take photos on my camera, or vice versa. This holiday I found it particularly challenging as I was attempting to vlog, film a lookbook, an outfit diary as well as shoot new content for my blog and it does get overwhelming - to the point where every evening I would come back to our room and wouldn't go to sleep without going on my laptop to start editing footage, photos and blog posts.

With that in mind, it has meant that some of my Instagram outfits won't actually make it to the blog - purely because I either didn't have time, or forgot to shoot them - I thought the easiest way to share them with you (if you aren't following me on Instagram) would be like this!

peexo instagram outfit diary swimwear

I bought a ridiculous number of swimsuits before going away on holiday, so much so that when I got to Crete I realised I had packed so little clothing! Luckily our holiday was mostly for relaxing so I think I wore just about all of them, maybe leaving two or three out - I do have to save some for Portugal in a couple of months! Here's hoping I don't panic buy anymore before then...

I didn't realise just how much I loved crochet but I ended up with loads of crochet pieces in my holiday wardrobe, including these gorgeous swim pieces.

Crochet trim bikini bottoms - (c/o) Boden \\ Crochet trim bikini top - (c/o) Boden

Crochet multi bikini - (c/o) Pily Q via Beach Cafe

instagram flatlays bikini summer holiday peexo

What's a holiday without a flatlay? I've had a number of essentials on holiday but by the looks of it pom poms and crochet seem to be a recurring theme from my week in Crete.

White stitched bikini - (c/o) Triangl \\ Sunglasses - Primark (similar from ASOS) \\ Coffee scrub - (c/o) Scrub Love

Pom pom lined hat - (c/o) In The Style \\ Crochet bikini - (c/o) Pily Q via Beach Cafe \\ Mirrored sunglasses - Topshop

Monochrome bikini top - ASOS \\ Monochrome bikini bottoms - ASOS \\ Pom pom sandals - (c/o) Boden \\ Camera - Olympus \\ Hawaiian Tropics SPF

instagram diary holiday peexo travel

If ever there's a time to shamelessly selfie it's on holiday! I love a good red lip on holiday but I think what I need now is an orange toned red, or an orange lipstick for the summer months. I love bright lips and think summer is the perfect time to experiment with colours outside of your comfort zone. Surprise, surprise, we have some more crochet.

Red lipstick - (c/o) Cailyn \\ Playsuit - (c/o) Quiz

Crochet halter neck top - Primark (similar at Forever 21)

beach dress new look instagram outfit diary

Yesterday's post was all about this shirt dress and I just love it. I wore it at the beach and I wore it during the day too. As it's got large slits either side I had to change it up a little by adding a pair of shorts for the evening but I just love how versatile it is.

Pom pom lined hat - (c/o) In The Style \\ White shirt dress - New Look

White lace espadrilles - (c/o) Dune \\ Black denim shorts - River Island \\ White shirt - New Look

santorini instagram photos summer

We squeezed in a visit to Santorini for a day which was something I was sure I wanted to do whilst in Crete. I'm so pleased we went, it's a truly beautiful island and I'm really happy I got to visit, even if it was only for a few hours, we got to see so much of the small island and it was breathtaking! You'll see more from Santorini very soon so keep your eyes peeled. For now, there's a sneak peak of my outfit from Instagram.

Orange bandeau top - New Look \\ Denim mom shorts - Topshop \\ Mirrored sunglasses - Topshop

swimwear swimsuits holiday peexo

This year is all about the swimsuit, I don't think they're the most practical for tanning but they just look incredible. They're also perfect for water sports, I never go on any water slides in fear that my bikini will slip off haha! Forever 21 was my go-to for swimsuits, they're really affordable - all under £20 - which makes it the perfect piece to pick up if you really want one. I thought spending a lot on a swimsuit I won't use often would've been silly but I really wanted to style some, I think that's down to me being a blogger and wanting to share different styles with you, so these were the perfect choice for me.

Neon cap - New Era via ASOS \\ Black swimsuit - Forever 21 \\ White lace espadrilles - (c/o) Dune

Red "hello" swimsuit - Forever 21

instagram outfit diary peexo

As I mentioned before, I packed so many bikinis that I ended up wearing the same outfits over and over. I actually think this is the only outfit I shot which was from our last night in Crete but don't worry, if you want to see what I wore daily I have an outfit diary coming very soon to my YouTube channel, please do subscribe if you're not already!

Crop top - (c/o) Glamorous \\ Midi skirt - Missguided \\ Lace up heels - (c/o) Simmi Shoes

Swimsuit - Forever 21 \\ Maxi dress - (c/o) Pindy Doll

summer holiday crete peexo round beach towel

Finally, something I had my heart set on was getting a round beach towel and I'm so happy I did. It's just stunning, photographs amazingly well and although not the most convenient it does the job. Expect to see this pop up more over the next few months!

You can keep up to date with my daily outfits on Instagram: @peexo 


  1. I've been to Crete and Santorini and they're definitely the most beautiful places I've visited :) You look so stunning in all these photos - and you've really made me want a holiday now! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Oh so lucky! I would love to visit Crete again but this time head north of the island as I was searching for beaches and the most beautiful ones all seem to be on the other end of the island! Such lovely places to visit though, I'd be more than happy to go again! X

  2. I've really enjoyed your holiday blogs and love all your beach outfits especially the corchet bikinis and tops. The crochet halter-neck is my favourite - I cant believe it's from Primark, you look so good in it x

    1. Thanks so much! So pleased you've enjoyed my holiday posts, I'm a bit gutted they're coming to an end already (wishing I was back on holiday if I'm honest) Primark is amazing for some bargains, it's definitely worth a visit before going on holiday! X

  3. Fabulous! Hope you had a lovely time hun xx

  4. I love literally everything you wore! Especially the swimsuits! You suit them so well! Looking like an Instagram model too! Hope you didn't work too much and relaxed a fair bit while you were there!

    New post:
    New video:

    1. I bought so many swimsuits it was pretty ridiculous haha! It was definitely a nice bit of a break and whilst lounging by the pool you're never working too hard ;) Happy to have some footage and snaps from a different location though so I hope you're enjoying the posts so far! X


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