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Makeshift Bikini

Crete, Greece
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bandeau ruffle top peexo
bandeau top crochet bikini
white bikini peexo
crochet bikini ruffle top peexo
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peexo travel blogger white bikini

I fell in love with crochet on holiday quite unexpectedly as I didn't quite realise just how many crochet pieces I had accumulated in the run up to my holiday. I fell in love with this all white combo, to be honest, this ruffle top just has my heart - it's stunning! I had seen a few photos circulating of this bikini style but I hadn't actually got any myself so I went ahead and paired this amazing top with my crochet bikini bottoms and voila, we have a makeshift bikini. Obviously I didn't go swimming or anything like that but this photographed so beautifully I simply couldn't resist shooting a lil' something on the beach too!

[Photos taken by Andre]


  1. LOVE that bikini paired with that top, your body is insane - you look amazing!xx

    1. Thanks Jayne! I just think I'm obsessed with this top, I could pair it with anything and fall in love all over again X


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