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A Guide To Elounda, Crete

Crete, Greece
elounda bay
crete elounda bay
elounda crete photo diary
photo diary crete elounda
photo diary crete
crete elounda photo diary
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elounda crete
elounda crete
elounda crete
crete elounda
elounda crete

I wanted to share some snaps from my holiday in Crete, I don't have loads which is partially down to the fact we stayed at a hotel on an all-inclusive basis which means we didn't have to leave the hotel for anything. Towards the end of the week we decided we needed to have a little mooch around the area! Elounda Bay is filled with little shops selling lots of souvenirs, knock-off designer sunglasses and just about everything else you could need on holiday. The bay is beautiful, clear blue waters and lots of sandy beaches where you can rent - a term I use loosely - a sun lounger and parasol for 2€. 

I don't have too much to say about Elounda as it's fairly small but packed with restaurants and shops so you could easily spend a week in the area and not go to the same restaurant twice which is always a good thing! Hopefully the photos do the talking...

Next, onto Spinalonga which is the #1 thing to do if you're visiting Elounda according to Trip Adviser so of course we had to visit.

crete photo diary spinalonga
spingalonga island crete
crete greece spinalonga island
spinalonga island
spinalonga island crete

We went to Elounda bay with the intention of visiting Spinalonga as I had read up quite a lot about it and wanted to explore the island before leaving. We got on a boat which was 10€ and then paid 8€ for the entrance and in all honesty, I just don't think it was worth it.

I actually think I'd go as far as to say I hated it. It's an isolated island so it was incredibly windy and to be completely honest I wasn't wearing the right clothing which I think is partly why I didn't enjoy it. I don't think there's a lot to see, it doesn't even take an hour to go around. If you do consider visiting Spinalonga then I'd definitely look for a guided tour, it always makes things more interesting. We were basically walking around ruins and it wasn't much fun.


  1. Oh wow, that is one gorgeous view. <3

    1. So pretty isn't it? It's quite a small area but filled with character X

  2. Such a stunning location! Amazing photography and lovely post :)

    1. A really pretty location! Thank you :) X

  3. These photos are gorgeous! Wow!

    1. So pleased you think so Maggie, thank you! X


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