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I never had a prom at school (unless you count our year 6 so called prom where we weren't allowed to have dates) so when Boohoo got in touch asking whether I'd like to be Prom Queen of course my answer was yes! I picked out a beautiful blush pink dress, it's a colour I'm seriously loving right now, and felt like I was ready for my big night. Boohoo were kind enough to send over a tiara and sash too but as I wasn't actually going to prom I didn't want to look absolutely ridiculous prancing around in the street (#BloggerProblems). This dress has an oversized skirt which is perfect for twirling around in, and the fabric is so thick I felt like I was sitting on a pillow! I imagine at prom you'll be dancing the night away so a dress that allows this much movement is perfect, if you want to stand out even more I'd put on a tulle underneath for a full skirt effect all night long. Strappy heels are my top choice when it comes to dressing up so I picked out this gorgeous brown pair from Jane Norman which I think will look amazing throughout the summer too!

[Photos taken by Joana]


  1. You always look so elegant hun. Gorgeous xx

  2. i loved this dress!!!

    1. So pretty isn't it Nadina? Makes me feel like a princess haha X

  3. Very Pretty! Xx

  4. Wow.. you rock this pink dress! Looking so sweet and beautiful in it! :)

    Totally in love with those strappy heels too! Truly a queen! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

    1. Thanks so much! It was the perfect dress for twirling around in that's for sure! X


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