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My Go-To Travel Outfit

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This will be it from me this week as I'm off on holiday tomorrow for a week in the sunshine and I couldn't be happier! I want to give myself a little bit of time off - I am going on holiday after all - I have nothing scheduled for the next few days so to see what I get up to follow me on Instagram: @peexo and Snapchat: pee.xo

Naturally, I decided to share my go-to travel attire. I'm lucky enough to travel at least once a year (I go to Portugal every summer because that's where my family is from) and I almost always wear the same sort of thing. Usually I wear jeans - a lot of people don't find jeans comfortable for a flight but I think they're the most comfortable - I choose Joni jeans because they're almost like jeggings, super comfortable, stretchy and I still feel like I've got up and got dressed. I'm one of those people who hates being too hot so despite travelling in jeans I always wear a Tshirt, especially when travelling to a hot country, I know that when I land I'll be ready for the heat - to an extent. Having said that, it always gets cold on a plane so I'll either take a comfy jumper or a shirt like I'm wearing here, it's perfect to throw on if it gets a little chilly and it's also an item I can wear on holiday too, rather than taking a jumper I probably wouldn't get any wear out of abroad.

Tshirt - Zara
Shirt - Primark
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - (c/o) Nasty Gal
Converse - Office
[Photos taken by Andre]

I hope you have a lovely rest of the week and don't forget to stay up to date with my travels across social media!

Instagram: @peexo | Twitter: @peexo | Snapchat: pee.xo


  1. looking lovely!

  2. Oh girllll, you look amazing! This is definitely my type of outfit for flying!
    Bee |

    1. It's so important to be comfortable and able to move around, I personally love jeans and tee! X

  3. This would be my go to outfit on a short flight, fo sho! I love how comfy it is. :)

  4. Perfect outfit for traveling! I love Topshop jeans. They are really comfortable.

    xx, Jo |

    1. Me too! Topshop jeans are always my go-to, I think the joni jeans are the best for travelling though as they're not as restricting as other pairs X

  5. Great travelling outfit, looks nice and seems super practical :)


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