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Crete, Greece
peexo crete beach holiday

In case you didn't already know, I'm currently on holiday in Crete until Wednesday so I gave myself a few days off last week but now I'm back with so much to share! I wanted to show you what my days here so far have consisted of, we haven't done much exploring - just purely relaxed and it goes something like this...

The sun rises towards the front of our room so we get loads of light filtering through in the mornings which is such a nice wake-up call, a pleasant change from the dreary London mornings. We have a private pool which catches the sun perfectly in the morning so we hurriedly get ready and make our way down to breakfast. The breakfast buffet here is great, I feel Andre and I have definitely become buffet-connoisseurs (if that's even a thing) and this is a pretty good one!

crete hotel elounda blu
hotel elounda blu peexo crete travels
pool view hotel elounda blu

After breakfast we've made a habit of coming back to our room either to pick up some stuff or to just chill in our pool, it's so great having it all to ourselves in the morning sun. The mornings go by so quickly - we've been waking up at around 8am every day so as to make the most of the sunshine by our pool but it still feels like no time at all! I try my best to get some work done in the morning just after breakfast before we hit the pool, I find it's the easiest way to stay on top of things and saves the stress later on.

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crete elounda peexo holiday
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hotel elounda blu peexo travels

We grab a bite to eat mid-afternoon and then make our way to the beach. After all you can't really come to an island and spend your days sitting by the pool, making the most of the beach is a must! This isn't your typical beach, it's black rock rather than sand and the sea is so calm. There are practically no waves and it makes it that more pleasant, particularly for someone like me who hates the idea of strong waves and attempting to swim in the sea - irrational? Maybe. The beach has been the perfect location in the afternoons, it's much quieter than the hotel pool and it's the perfect spot for some photos early evening.

beach style peexo fashion blogger travel

When we get bored of the beach we go back to our room where, if we're brave, we get back into the pool. As there's no direct sunlight it's definitely cooler but perfect for taking photos. As part of my evening routine here it's all about the quick pamper, I've been loving using a coffee scrub which I think works really well the night before to almost prep my skin for tanning the next morning.

coffee scrub beauty blogger peexo
scrub love coffee legs scrub beauty
beauty travel coffee scrub peexo
Finally, we get ready for the evening. We don't do much (call us oldies) usually just dinner and then we head to the bar for some cocktails before calling it a day.

Today I'm in Santorini for the day, but more about that another day, for now you can keep up with my travels on Snapchat: pee.xo

This post is in collaboration with Scrub Love.


  1. Everything looks amazing :)


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