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My Current Obsession with Trainers

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coggles saucony trainers silver navy
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coggles trainers saucony

I'm not sure how it happened but I have somehow ended up with quite a few trainers, now I'm not saying I have an extensive collection but for someone who initially only had a couple pairs of converse and literally no proper trainers, I've ended up with a collection. These are the most recent additions and again, I'm surprised by how much I like them! I always say this with trainers but I've really become more and more into them.

Got my bottom dirty didn't I?! I wore this the day before I came back to France, I started with some events (vlog coming soon) and then some last minute shooting trying to make the most of the disappearing sunlight. My trainers are Saucony via Coggles and I'm kind of obsessed with the silver details, although I prefer gold, I think gold trainers could potentially be a bit much. For a day of running errands I really don't venture away from my comfort zone of jeans and a casual top. I also wore a khaki bomber jacket, I'm not too sure whether they're for me though, what do you think?

Bomber jacket - (c/o) South Avenue
Lace up top - Primark
[Photos taken by Joana]


  1. I live in trainers as they are soooo comfy! I love the Saucony vibes too xxx

    1. Nice aren't they?! Really love the silver too, I think I'll be wearing trainers loads this spring X

  2. I like trainers but I'm not 100% convinced, might be soon enough if I wear them more often :)

    1. I was the same! I keep seeing so many pairs I like nowadays though so I definitely think wearing them has started to make me like them more and I would never have thought haha, things definitely change! X


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