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Is Being Busy Good?

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When people talk about how busy they are I always think it's a good thing and sometimes even start to feel envious of the fact others are busy when I feel I'm not. Having said that, is being busy a good thing?
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Some aspects of my life have been jam packed. I've recently found out I will be graduating from university with a 2.1 in French Studies and Business Administration; I've moved out of my university place and moved back home to London; I'm planning a hen do for next month and taking on maid of honour duties; I'm trying to catch up with friends over the summer; I'm out and about at more meetings and events than ever before; I've got a couple of holidays planned over the next few months (I'm sure you're aware of my upcoming holiday to Portugal in August but something new popped up so there will be more on that soon); I'm blogging more now than I used to; I'm shooting more content and just generally more busy.

However, I would define being busy as having a lot of upcoming collaborations and working on sponsored content - from a blogger's perspective - and as a result, when I'm busy, I feel like I'm doing something right. Currently, I don't feel as though I'm the good kind of busy because I don't have collaborations lined up but it doesn't mean I'm sitting at home doing nothing. I'm particularly busy in other aspects of my life. So is being busy good? Is there a type of busy that is better than another? What's your definition of busy? I'd love to know what makes you a busy bee!


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  1. I think this is a very subjective area. To me your life always sounds incredibly busy and I think for me the pressure of coming up with new blog ideas and meeting deadlines would quickly turn from busy to stressful.

    I do know what you’re saying though as I always feel guilty if I have a day off work and do nothing productive with it, I never think about the benefits I’ve got from simply relaxing.

    Congratulations on achieving your degree with an excellent classification you must be so happy (and possibly relieved it’s all over!?). By the way I love this dress, I’m really into embroidered pieces and this is super cute!

    Take care, Pixie xxx

    1. Thank you Pixie! I always love reading your comments, I really value your opinion and the time you take to comment :) It's so true - it's just about what you define as 'being busy' because in reality, there's really no right or wrong.

      I'm also loving embroidered pieces again at the moment, so perfect for the summer! X


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