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5 Ways To Make a Monochrome Outfit Stand Out

how to make a monochrome outfit stand out peexo
Come Spring/Summer it's usually all about implementing colour, and lots of it. But what if you're not really that into colour? I've found it can be fairly easy to make a monochromatic outfit stand out in a few simple ways.
peexo fashion blogger monochromegingham midi skirt new look peexo blogger
peexo monchrome gingham frill skirtgingham frill skirt monochrome gingham
monochrome gingham skirt
Monochrome outfits can seem like a fail-safe and wearing black and white isn't necessarily ground breaking so I've put together 5 ways to make a monochrome look stand out.

1) Add Prints

Monochromatic prints can be pretty hard to come by but this season gingham has been a huge hit on the catwalks and in most of our wardrobes, making it much easier to add the print to your daily looks. Doing so adds something a little more interesting to a monochrome outfit as opposed to a white top, black bottoms, or vice versa.

2) Experiment with length

With my outfit, I decided to go for a crop top - which is definitely a nod to my teenage years as I haven't worn a crop top in what feels like forever - and a midi skirt. I wouldn't class either of these pieces as an everyday piece yet somehow I felt completely comfortable when wearing this outfit. For me, a crop top is always reserved for when wearing something high waisted and a midi skirt is the perfect accompaniment both day and night. Whilst I would usually go for a bodycon midi skirt paired with a crop top on a night out, as a day time look I think the two work equally as well.

3) Try a new style

In my opinion, the statement piece here is the gingham check frill skirt and that's down to the print of course but also its unusual style. The ruffle outlining the side split and bottom of the skirt are quite different to anything else currently in my wardrobe and I imagine that would be the same for most of us. Whilst a midi skirt isn't new to my wardrobe, this particular cut and print is a different style for me which has gained a lot of compliments over on Instagram!

4) Step out of your comfort zone

Experimenting with prints, style, length and cut can all be a way to step out of your comfort zone so it's fairly easy to do. With that said, in saying step out of your comfort zone, I don't mean make yourself feel uncomfortable in what you're wearing, it just means trying something a little bit different like adding a new print or experimenting with a new style (basically, all of the above).

5) Mix and match

The term mix and match may seem like a given as a monochrome outfit is essentially mixing and matching black and white pieces. In my outfit, I've mixed black and white of course but I've also mixed in a gingham print, a few different lengths as well as different styles. Starting with a long-sleeved crop top, which is somewhat more wintery, and some open-toe sandals which are perfect for the current season. I don't think the two together look at all out of place either!


Crop top - ASOS
Gingham midi skirt - (c/o) New Look
Bag - old (similar)
Strappy block heel - (c/o) Public Desire
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. You look awsome! Your outfit is stunning! I´m so in love with your skirt :-*

    Melanie /

    1. Thanks Melanie! It's a super fun skirt, even though it's monochrome I still think it works really well for spring X

  2. OMG I love this post!!!!! 😲 😍😍😍

  3. Love the frills along the bottom of the top also, a lovely detail.

    Petite Side of Style

    1. So cute isn't it? Such a minimal detail but looks really lovely :) X

  4. Omgosh, you look incredible! I can't believe this skirt is New Look - I just bought a gingham midi from them at the weekend and now I want this one.

    T x

    1. Honestly, I'm a huge fan of New Look! They always have amazing on trend pieces for such affordable prices - adding another gingham skirt to your wardrobe can't hurt right?!


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