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How I Dress For The Heat In London

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I've always differentiated summer in London and summer abroad and as a result, my outfits have always been very different throughout summer in the city when compared to my holiday style because in my opinion, the city means work and a working wardrobe to match.
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I'm a city girl, always have been and probably always will be, but if there's one thing I hate about living in the city it has got to be the summer months, especially during the working week. It's imprinted in my mind that the city means work and I feel the need to dress accordingly. I find in the city I need to feel more comfortable and confident in the way I dress; whilst I'll happily prance around in little clothing on holiday, when I'm in London, I feel like I need to dress for the city which is easier said than done, especially in the summer! London gets really humid throughout the summer and getting anywhere can be a real nightmare if you use public transport in the heat so I need something that is practical but still breathable. 

First thing's first, it's either legs or arms. Unless I know I'm having a really chilled out day I will rarely have both my arms and legs out in the city, I think it can be a little too much you know? Instead, I'll opt to have either one or the other on show and in this case, I went for a pair of shorts. These shorts are quite old from River Island but they're a great pair of white shorts which I still love now, I actually pulled apart some of the stitching to release the extra fabric (which I did on the day so you can still see the fold quite vividly) so they weren't too booty-skimming. I wanted to keep this colour palette quite neutral as a lighter wardrobe can actually help keep you cooler believe it or not! The shirt I'm wearing is from Next and really lightweight which makes it the perfect piece to pair with shorts. I'm one of those people who will happily wear ankle boots all year round and I thought these leopard print boots from Topshop worked nicely, plus, I've been trying to wear summer shoes but find that my feet cannot deal with most of my summer footwear (I have a lot of painful blisters to prove it) so I've resorted back to my old favourites, ankle boots.


[Photos taken by Andre]


  1. I love your boots and the bag! :-*

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