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5 Things To Consider When Buying Your Wedding Guest Outfit

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This year I've felt more excited about the wedding season than ever before as in August, I'll be maid of honour for the first time! So I've become very much committed to all things wedding, having gone to my fair share of wedding shows, been to plenty of dress fittings (both for the bride and myself) and just generally following all things wedding related.
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With a total of three weddings to attend throughout the month of August, I'm beginning my search for the perfect wedding guest outfit early in the hope that I can also inspire any of you who will be attending a wedding this season.

1. Underwear
My top priority has got to be underwear. You want to find a dress that fits in all the right places and makes you look your best so making sure your underwear plays the part is key. Strapless bras are great in this case and I love Wonderbra when it comes to choosing a great bra that is both supportive as well as comfortable. One thing I would say is to go for the plain options as opposed to those with added lace because, depending on what you're wearing on top, the lace could show through. Second most important is choosing the right pants. I favour thongs when it comes to bodycon dresses as I find nothing quite compares when trying to avoid VPL. However, if you're not into wearing thongs then try to opt for pants with no/minimal lining as those won't show through. Finally, if you want to wear shapewear then ensure you try it on with your chosen dress as you don't want it to hug you in all the wrong places, you could have a flat stomach but end up with excess around your thighs - it's all about trial and error.

2. Comfort
This is key. Although, I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I choose style over comfort and then end up paying the price for it later! When I say comfort I don't only mean feeling comfortable in what you're wearing but also feeling comfortable with what you're wearing.

3. Colour / Material
There's the classic tip of avoiding white at a wedding which I completely agree with but nowadays it isn't as much of a big deal as it once was. Nonetheless, if you're unsure about the dress code then I would always avoid white as you don't want to be accused of trying to upstage the bride. Aside from that, pick a colour that you like and that suits you. Also, consider the climate as wearing a black dress to a destination wedding could lead to serious sweats. Instead, choose a lighter colour to feel slightly cooler throughout the ceremony. The same can be said for the dress material, if you have a summer wedding coming up then pick lightweight fabrics like linen or silk and if you have a winter wedding then choose a more classic fabric like cotton.

4. Accessories
I think accessories can really change an outfit. I love my hoop earrings and I wear them all the time, even to weddings! But if you want to make your wedding guest outfit feel that little bit more special then choosing different accessories and jewellery can make all the difference. I'm wearing some jewellery from Ted Baker which I adore, they add a hint of gold too which is right up my street and they just transform this outfit completely making it look, and feel, more like a wedding guest look.

5. Location
This may not seem like the most obvious but hear me out. If you're travelling to a destination wedding then there are a few more variables to consider. I'm going to two weddings in Portugal where I know it will be really hot, there will be some travelling involved (probably driving as opposed to walking but still something to consider) and all will be held in small villages with cobbled pavements. If you're going to a countryside wedding then take that into consideration, choose a block heel as opposed to a stiletto and choose a dress that will stand its ground should a gust of wind make an appearance.


Dress - New Look
Strappy heels - (c/o) Public Desire
Bag - Topshop
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. The dress is amazing! What a perfect wedding look .-*

    Melanie /

  2. All amazing tips babe and you'e found a beautiful dress here!



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