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peexo wedding guest outfit
I found the dress of dreams and simply couldn't wait to share it with you, so here's a take on another wedding guest outfit albeit pricey, it's a new favourite!
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Weddings, weddings, weddings. I seem to be constantly thinking about the wedding season that is fast approaching. It's definitely down to the fact that I'm maid of honour this year (have I said that enough yet?) and so I'm just excited about the prospect of attending weddings and have felt more involved generally speaking. As maid of honour I have a dress already picked out - a gorgeous Vera Wang dress which I cannot wait to share - but, with another two weddings lined up for August and my graduation next month I've been falling for so many dresses and I can't help but share some of my favourites in the meantime.

I came across this dress on Boden, it's part of their Boden Icons range, which is pricier than their usual ranges, and I instantly fell in love with it. I've been loving the range of flowy dresses gracing the high street and designers this summer so finding one was top of my list and I think I hit the jackpot with this one! I twirled around in it for so long whilst shooting and I never thought I'd say this about a dress but it genuinely put a smile on my face. One thing I should point out is that this dress is heavy! Not unbearably heavy where you feel the weight of it on your shoulders but heavy enough that if you were to take this abroad with you it would eat up a lot of your baggage allowance - which pains me as I would have loved to take this with me to Portugal. Having said that, I know it will last forever and will grace my wardrobe for a really long time which is why I'm so pleased to call it my own. I added my latest bag addition which is from Pinko, again, quite pricey in comparison to the usual bags I go for but beautiful and being black I know it will last in my wardrobe. The most affordable part of this look are the heels which are from my trusty favourites, Public Desire.


[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. That's the dress of dreams, the colours suit you so well! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. This dress is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the cut of it & the shape :-) I'd be swishing that skirt all day long! You look fab!

    Claire |

    1. I genuinely twirled around for a good half an hour whilst shooting, it's simply irresistible! Thank you so much X


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