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What's Your Essential Accessory for Summer?

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After an incredible weekend filled with sunshine, I have started to delve into my summer wardrobe earlier than planned. Whilst picking and choosing something summery to wear I began to think about my accessories and what I find is essential come summer.
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A weekend filled with sunshine has got me very excited for the summer months ahead before its official astronomical start next week, on June 21st. As we rarely have weekends filled with sunshine - and when it does happen, it doesn't last long - I made sure to make the most of it. I've had this summer dress from Nobody's Child sitting in my wardrobe for about a month but the weather hadn't been quite warm enough to wear it yet so I thought I'd be saving it until my summer holiday to Portugal in a couple of months, but the weather this weekend was so great that I just had to wear it! It's really beautifully layered and I initially thought the shape could be somewhat unflattering but actually, the material falls beautifully and despite there being an excess of fabric it doesn't look oversized at all.

I decided to pair this summer dress with some thick strap sandals with a block heel as I find these are the best in terms of a more casual looking summer heel. Mine are velvet so not the greatest material for the summer but they're available in a variety of colours and materials on Public Desire so worth a look! I picked out my favourite black crossbody bag from Shoeaholics (a spring favourite which you'll know of if you watched yesterday's video!) Now that the sun is shining, I'm starting to look into my sunglasses collection. For me, sunglasses are an essential accessory come summer. Although I must admit, I don't wear sunglasses often as I really struggle when it comes to finding pairs that suit my small face but I came across these Miu Miu frames from Smart Buy Glasses which I adore! I think they're the perfect size - online they have a variety of frame sizes so I opted for the smallest, 49mm  - and the round lenses aren't too harsh against my face so we've found a winner! Are sunglasses a summer essential for you?


Dress - (c/o) Nobody's Child
Sunglasses - (c/o) Smart Buy Glasses
Crossbody bag - (c/o) Carvela via Shoeaholics
Velvet heeled sandals - (c/o) Public Desire
[Photos taken by Maria]
This post is sponsored by Smart Buy Glasses. As always, all opinions and writing are my own.


  1. I love your dress and I got similiar sandals like yours. So my essentials are sandals, sunnies, and cute summer dresses for summer. On my shopping list is a cute romper :-*

    Melanie /

    1. I love these sandals, I think they look great with summer dresses! I completely agree with your essentials X

  2. im so glad summer is finally here so I can get my wear out of my wardrobe!

    Isobel x

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    1. Ahh me too, but I'm also one of those people who has had enough of the heat in the UK! X


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